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Welcome to the initial blog post for  So lovely to have you onboard in the quest to heal this fractured world and to help spread democracy and basic human rights to every nation and person on this planet.

I plan on, hopefully, posting at least once a week on issues revolving around the spreading of democracy and religious and basic human rights, along with encouraging free nations to join together in such a quest.  To expand on Martin Luther King’s famous quote, “For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing,” I would expand on that to include, “For evil regimes to succeed, all they need is for free nations to remain divided.”

This is the central theme of my novel The Unity Project.  It lays out a very possible and plausible scenario where a “Free Nations Alliance” could become a reality, and where the fostering of democracy and basic human rights would be the prime driving motivation for the leadership of those nations.  Through the sheer weight of economic and political power, such an alliance could move all nations and peoples on this planet to eventually become members.  Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Authoritarianism, despotism, religious intolerance, greed and exploitation seem to be gaining the upper hand across our globe, but that does not have to be so.  And in the end, it will not be so.  

Take the prophetic Hindu concept of satyagraha. In this philosophy, satya (goodness and truth) is the only real existent force on earth, and where asatya (falsehood and evil) is essentially nonexistence. Therefore, truth and goodness must prevail in the end.  The good and true are, while greed, violence, and falsehood will implode under the weight of their essential non-reality.  

A major organization that is promoting all of the above is a worldwide group called the Parliament of the World’s Religions.  Founded in 1893, it holds a “Parliament” every three years or so to bring together world leaders in promoting religious tolerance, basic human rights, and international reconciliation.  This year’s speakers include His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Bishop William Swing, the founder of the respected United Religions Initiative.  It will be held this year virtually on October 16-18, and I am proud to be a sponsor and to have a virtual booth presence promoting The Unity Project.  You can find out more about the Parliament by going to  

I will be posting more on the Parliament over the next couple of months, and I would also love to hear from you about this and any other thoughts you may have concerning the spreading of world peace and reconciliation.  We people of goodwill are all about the truth—and as we all know, “The truth will set us (and everyone) free.”

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John Mauhardt